Frequently Asked Questions

do health and safety laws apply to me?

Yes to all businesses, however small; also to the self-employed and to employees.

do i need to register my business?

If you are a new business you will need to register either with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or your Local Authority – depending on the sort of business you have.

who enforces health and safety law?

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or your local authority. Generally HSE enforces safety at factories, farms and building sites; local authorities in offices, shops, hotels and catering, and leisure activities.

what if i am unsure what to do?

If you are uncertain whether you need to register or notify HSE or your local authority about the type of work you are doing, contact HSE’s confidential InfoLine on 0845 345 0055 or the Environmental Health Department of your Local Authority.

when can inspectors visit?

A health and safety inspector may visit any workplace, any time, with or without giving notice. Often inspections are routine and you will be notified before hand (an awareness or workplace contact officer may also visit to give help and advice) but you do need to know how to be prepared and what to expect.

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